My First Visit

My First Visit

The First Step To Better Your Health Is Right Here At Henze Chiropractic.

Congratulations on your decision of taking the first step to better health. We will guide you through each step of our 4 step process of becoming a new patient.

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Step #1

We strive to make your first visit to our office a comfortable experience. Our receptionist will welcome you and ask you to complete our required forms. These forms will give us important information about you and your condition. The doctor will then ask specific questions about your condition as needed to clearly understand what you are struggling with and what you are looking for.    

Step #2

After discussing your condition Dr. Henze will give you a thorough chiropractic examination, including computer assisted sEMG and Range of Motion studies, postural, neurologic and orthopedic, tests, as well as digital X-Rays if needed.  This will allow Dr. Henze to have a better understanding of your condition and to determine if chiropractic care is the best fit for the issue you are struggling with.  If so, Dr. Henze will prepare treatment options for you. If chiropractic care is not the best answer, Dr. Henze will help you by referring you to the appropriate, competent specialist.

Step #3

Your first treatment can be given at this point to help you get relief right away!  Also, Dr. Henze will prepare you a Report of Findings and will review them with you along with options for treatment.  

Step #4

Most patients experience relief from the very first treatment! Chiropractic adjustments and therapies are gentle enough for kids as well as seniors. Our office accepts all insurances; we also accept auto insurance and workers compension insurance. We offer free, no obligation consultations and can bill insurance directly for you. For patients with no insurance coverage, we offer two ways to save.  Also, we offer flexible payment plans when helpful.

Intake Forms

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My First Visit

What to expect at your first visit.

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