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I’ve been going to Dr Henze since 1997 and he is the best chiropractor ever. I love going to see him and his friendly staff.

Elizabeth L.

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The staff is amazing and make sure you have minimal wait time. Dr. Henze is exceptional and keeps my back in top shape. Highly recommend!

Monte S.

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I began going to Henze Chiropractic & Wellness this past September. I had been suffering from a hiatal hernia, severe acid reflux and other indigestion issues and had found no solutions while undergoing ultrasounds and an endoscopy with a gastroenterologist. From my very first consult, Dr. Henze was kind, extremely knowledgeable and walked me through every step of my wellness plan. His approach to your personal care is very comforting as he explains to you what he’s doing as he is making his adjustments. He always listens to my concerns and I genuinely feel like he cares about my well being and progress. And after a few months, I have made dramatic progress! Without drugs or “bandaids”, Dr. Henze has giving me the tools, stretches and exercises to help me heal. Because of him, I feel more peace and confidence that I will fully recover. I would recommend him to any family member or friend!

Kimberly D.

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Dr. Henze always has a great staff to support his excellent chiropractic care. As a VERY long term patient, he has helped me correct and maintain my spine health. Often referred, never disappointed!

John F.

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Dr. Henze is an amazing chiropractor who goes above and beyond. He is helping me overcome migraines that I have suffered with for a long time that ordinary doctors look past and just prescribe over the counter medications. He and his staff are very professional and have a professional, clean, relaxing office. I look forward to going to every visit and will go to him for a long time. He has been very helpful and continues to be.

Drew S.

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Dr Henze is an incredible healer, and has so much integrity. He has helped me tremendously and I have referred many people his way and he has also helped every one of them.

Jean D.

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I went to Dr. Henze when I had lost all hope of being helped. I had severe back issues accompanied by a bad TMJ. Most days were spent pining for relief. Within the first week of my visit, I was almost pain free. This was the first time I was able to breathe free without any pain and two months since, I have no regrets in going in for chiropractic care here. Dr. Henze is excellent in his field, caring towards his patients, and very professional in his conduct. I highly recommend paying him a visit.

Ajita D.

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I have gone to Dr Henze for a little over a year. A friend recommended him to me as I was looking for help with back pain. He is one of the best I have had over my lifetime. I started going when I injured my back at work in my 20’s. I am going to be 70 this year, so I have had plenty of experience. Some are ok, but I can say that Dr Henze is the best one I have gone to. Most of the changes were due to moves, so I have had many to compare to Dr Henze and he is fantastic. His office staff are very friendly and the office is clean and inviting. If you are looking for pain relief go see Dr Michael Henze.

Jenny A.

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I would recommend Henze Chiropractic to anyone seeking Chiropractic care! Dr. Henze and his staff are wonderful! It is such a warm and inviting atmosphere. Dr. Henze does a wonderful job of teaching and helping correct the problem you came to him for. His staff is so friendly and positive, and greet you as you walk in the door. They are courteous about your time, and you never have to wait long. I have felt 100% better after going to their office! Thank You Dr. Henze and AMAZING staff!!!

Linda H. S.

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