“Almost 20 yrs ago when I was hired to work at his office at reception desk. This is when I had my first experience with chiropractic, and began to really love it. Also, as an employee, I had the benefit to witness so many people come through and walk away healed through his work. I’ve literally seen people hobble in barely able to walk, and within weeks to months (depending on severity of issue) walk out pain free. I can’t imagine what else would have such a dramatic effect in such a short amount of time.

Also through working for Dr Henze, I was able to get to know him on a personal level. I can say he has an enormous amount of integrity and truly is passionate about the care he provides. He also takes his time and adjusts each vertebrae individually, which takes more time but is a much more targeted approach, and seems safer, too. I know there are many providers whom would wrap me up like a pretzel and sit on me, which maybe can “work”, but I feel much safer with the approach he uses.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Dr Henze. As a bodyworker myself now, I’ve also referred many of my clients to him, and all of them still see him periodically, and they all have had glowing reports and have been grateful for the referral.

So if you’re considering starting chiropractic treatment, know that you will be in excellent hands, with this man!”

— Jean D.


“One morning after treating with Dr. Henze for about 3 months I awoke to find my pains were gone! Chiropractic definitely works!”

— Matt S.


“I never mentioned my loss of strength or the pain in my arm to Dr. Henze because I never thought that it could be related to an unhealthy spine. I truly believe that a healthy spine affects your entire body.”

— Tina A.

“I am very pleased with my care. I am able to participate in activities I couldn’t before. My range of movement, my digestion, and other body systems are working better. This is an added benefit I didn’t expect… I often recommend chiropractic care to my friends and family; most are making it a regular part of their healthcare schedule.”

— Jane R.